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Congratulations on finding my website!—the more so, since I don’t yet have a slew of tech nerds doing search engine optimization for me (Saving up for that big Learjet purchase down the road).

At this juncture, I only have just one book for sale,


but I modestly think it’s a pretty good one—that’s it over there on the right, Taming the Zebra—but I’m working on a sequel that will have even more useful information and insights on the way the male of the species thinks, how to evaluate and assess guys, and how to reduce the inevitable friction and eye-rolling that comes with living with such wild and thrilling, but obstreporous, creatures. Beyond that, I have a mishmash of short and long bits and pieces that I hope will be gracious enough to assemble themselves into books, both fiction and non-fiction, as the years go by.

What can you find at this site? Well, if you cast your eyes toward the l’il ol’ navigation bar above this very text, you’ll see menu links to:

  • A ‘Books’ page containing more information about the aforesaid book all about guy-think, along with a purchase link (can’t have too many of those!);
  • A ‘Special Offer’ page, where, if you sign up for my (free!) newsletter, you’ll get a (free!) article that will show you how you can become 2.5 times as popular as fresh-baked cookies. And if you don’t like the newsletter, guess what? You can cancel anytime, keep the free article, and that’ll teach me to go around giving away free stuff!;
  • An ‘About’ page containing some tantalizing biographical tidbits about yours truly;
  • A News ‘N’ Notes page where I will occasionally, sporadically post things. Don’t look for it to be a regularly-posting blog, I’m afraid, because wiser people than I have convinced me that if you have things you want to say to the world and don’t wish to starve, you should spend your time writing books rather than blogging.
  • A ‘Contact’ page where I can be contacted (That one’s actually down there in the ‘footer’ area at page-bottom. [And thank you, all you webcrawler bots, but I’m already all stocked up on “lean muscle mass” and “bedroom performance.”])

That’s it. Enjoy poking around the site and come back anytime, we’re always open.

Bob Pryor

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My name is Bob Pryor and, if all goes well, hopefully most of you will be reading this page because you are curious about (or have purchased!) my forthcoming book, Taming the Zebra: The Modern Woman’s Guide to True Love, Hot Sex, and the Mysterious Male Brain (I know—bit of a long title, that). Taming will be my first book, although I hope and plan on its being far from my last.

Currently I live in Oakland, California, which is quite a lovely town full of warm sunshine and friendly people, despite the fact that its political class makes the Renaissance Borgias look like the children’s choir at Saint Puppyton’s.

Bob Pryor

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