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Taming the Zebra

The Modern Woman’s Guide to True Love, Hot Sex, and the Mysterious Male Brain

A book that gives the real 411 on men and is a fun read? Done and done.


Have no idea where to look for Mr. Right? Think you’ve found him but unsure if he’s truly The One, and, if so, how to make him yours for good? Want to know what’s going on in his head and how you can make things go a little more your way? Curious about what turns him on in bed? This book will answer all those questions and more in a breezy, uninhibited style that will tell you more about men, and your man, than maybe he wants you to know.

Little tips, tricks, and scientific info-nuggets from the fields of behaviorism, anthropology, evolutionary psychology, and sexology—given without a lot of fancy jargon—will make this a resource you’ll want to keep handy for both understanding men and influencing them. And that’s even if you’re so scrupulously gender-fair and aboveboard you would never dream of employing the little-known Ben Franklin Effect.  

If you’ve ever wondered why men are the way they are and what the heck you can do about it, Taming the Zebra should be on your reading list.

What people are saying:

Dixie Landjazz
Dixie Landjazz@username
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I'm just a placeholder, but once Bob Pryor's book is published and available on the cyber-shelves, I will surely be replaced by a real, actual reviewer with an appraisal of the book that you, gentle reader and site visitor, will be able to read in full via a link. Won't that be neat?
Marsha Lartz
Marsha Lartz@username
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While I am merely a fictional placeholder, I'm THRILLED to be standing here in the very spot where an actual human being will have some lines from her sharply perceptive review prominently featured! (That is, once Bob's published his book and gotten some reviews.) This is so exciting!
Sonya Paper-Moon
Sonya Paper-Moon@username
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We all have our roles in life and while mine is merely to be a placeholder here on Bob Pryor's website until his book is published and gets its first reviews, I feel strongly that a person should not be ignored merely because her existence is notional rather than messily protoplasmic. Who's with me?
Cookie Snickerdoodle
Cookie Snickerdoodle@username
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While it is true that I am a less a flesh-&-blood person than a convenient placeholder here until Bob’s book is published and he gets his first reviews, I will not allow the proud Snickerdoodle name to be soiled by your aspersions and animadversions. Good day to you, sir!
Marge Innoverra
Marge Innoverra@username
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Ever since I was a little girl, it was always my dream to be a fictional placeholder on a website, staunchly holding down the software fort until a book was published, bravely telling visitors “As soon as the book publishes, there will be actual review quotations here! By real people!” And now my dream has come true!

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