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You know how people are always complaining “So-and-so’s blog was last updated in December? What’s that lazy bum even DOING?” Uh, writing books is what he’s doing. That’s why this is not really a blog but just a very occasional “News ‘n’ Notes.” If you’re the sort of almost indecently smart person who pines for fresh content from yours truly, please consider signing up for my monthly newsletter.

Juggling Stuff

I tried juggling once. As Dirty Harry famously said, “Man’s got to know his limitations.” I eventually reached a fair and equitable agreement with the

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Marrying Up

One of the more vexing aspects of life on Planet Earth is that things that are individually great don’t always go great together. Frequently, they

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On Meeting Guys

One of the advantages available to you as a smart woman is the fact that you’re open-minded enough to do things in the search for love that guys won’t do, because they can’t (usually) bring themselves to do it.

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On knowing yourself

Like I say, there’s not a blessed thing wrong with wanting to be entertained. But if you want more than that out of life—and particularly out of your dating/romantic/sexual life—it’s good to look at, not only what you want, but at what your own choices in life and love say about what you really want (or sometimes what they say about what you feel you deserve.) Your behavior all but shouts the truth about you. The real you.

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Sharing is caring. Or not.

“I’m just not made that way.” That’s the answer a guy sometimes gives when he’s facing a vexing, thorny, not-easily-soluble problem and his loving, caring,

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